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Here are the books of Juan Rulfo. All you can download free.

We currently have the complete works only in Spanish version. Our goal is to offer all possible language translations.
As we access to these translations, we will periodically update this page.

If you find a translation of a book or story by Juan Rulfo in a language that is not listed yet and would like to contribute a copy, you can send us your version and after verification we will publish it free to the public.

Let's make the works of Juan Rulfo accessible to all inhabitants of the earth.

Enjoy them.

Juan Rulfo short story. Pubicadon in America Magazine # 62, January 1950 Download the story in PDF (Spanish version)

This text first appeared in the Mexican literary magazine New Times, number 3. September 1959. The text is dated January 1940.

In the 40 published long before the flames Plain Rulfo begin to publish his first works in magazines and is published as Life is not very serious in his things, first in the literary magazine Pan Guatemala in 1942 and then in America magazine in 1945. life is not very serious in his stuff is a sign of that talent that had Juan Rulfo to narrate events that could pass as any other events far from their own nature, for example the to give life.

Pedro Páramo is a novel written by Juan Rulfo about a man named Juan Preciado who travels to his recently deceased mother's hometown, Comala, to find his father, only to come across a literal ghost town─populated, that is, by spectral figures.

El Llano en Llamas (translated into English as "The Burning Plain and other Stories" and as "The Plain in Flames") is a collection of short stories written in Spanish by Mexican author Juan Rulfo and first published in 1953.