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And the mexican, known for his works "The Burning Plain" and "Pedro Paramo", had a good eye.

"The common place is that Rulfo is a writer who belatedly venturing into photography and secondarily," explains the BBC Victor Jimenez, director of the Juan Rulfo Foundation.

"It is very curious that in the 40s and 50s was well known in the middle of the photographers, who were surprised that photographer Juan Rulfo was writing," he adds.

Jimenez is one of six authors of the book "On the railways," which seeks to rescue the forgotten past photo of the writer, who died in 1986 at age 68.

Rulfo involved ended in late 1955 and 1956 in a unique photographic project: the area of ​​railways in northern Mexico City.

Film director Roberto Gavaldón filmed in the documentary short the Terminal Valley of Mexico and the film Hidden, starring the popular Mexican actress Maria Felix, and invited to join as a photographer Rulfo.

"This is a job in a professional context, we do not know if it's a custom. Rulfo advantage for easier access to the railroad area. Maybe he was more interested in photographic challenge as an attempt to documentation," says Jimenez.

Rulfo ended up leaving some historical documents, since few years later that area disappear as is the registered his Rolleiflex camera to make way for a huge housing complex.
Rulfo's eye

Owner of a library with over 700 books on photography, young Rulfo began to be interested in the activity.

"He is someone whose visual culture is present in their literature," Jimenez, "images that builds speaks words of someone who knows what to do with the eyes," he explains.

The texts of the book belong to Raquel Tibol, Victor Jimenez, Paulina Millan, Alberto Vital, Manuel Alejandro Suarez Perló Cohen and Pareyón.

Some pictures of Rulfo can be seen in an exhibition that takes place in the Tlatelolco Cultural Center of the Mexican capital.

Here is a selection of some of the images of the writer who appear in the play "On the railways".



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