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The film The corner of the virgins directed by Alberto Isaac in 1972, is an adaptation of the stories Anacleto Morones and The day of the collapse of the book of stories



"Pedro Paramo" based on the novel by Juan Rulfo and considered one of the best of world literature

In 1967, Carlos Fuentes, Carlos Velo and Manuel Ponce adapted Barbachano Pedro Paramo, the great novel by Juan Rulfo (1917-1986), to Velo (1909-1988), take her to the movies.

The film, of course, simplifies the story of the journey of Juan Preciado, who promises her mother, who is on his deathbed, which will go to Comala to demand his father, Pedro Paramo, which never gave him and, therefore owed.

With the general framework of the Mexican Revolution and Comala way, the climate -cinematográfico- will gradually thinning, charging the dreamlike dimension and at the same time dark looking for the big screen out the sensations transmitted to book Rulfo be read.


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